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Get The Input About how to stop a door from slamming

Slamming doors is a bit of a problem because not only they startle people but they are pretty unpleasant and annoying to experience especially if the force of the of the wind/pressure is hard which makes a really loud disturbing sound.

Are you searching for an effectual way to prevent doors from slamming and stop it for good? well, you at the right place! In this article, something is shared with you step by step techniques to stop your door from slamming shut, so that you can enjoy a quieter peaceful space.

What Causes a Door to Slam Shut?

There are certain things that may cause slamming doors, some are obvious than others but the most common causes include:

  • Broken/Worn Door Hinges
  • Excessive Winds coming through the windows
  • Old/Weaker Doors
  • Improper Door Installation
  • Closing with too much Pressure

stop a door from slamming

5 finest Ways of Keeping a Door from Slamming

  1. Install an Auto-Door Closer

This is by far one of the most effective ways to stop a door from slamming since this is an automatic door closer, it makes the process easier and will carry on the door from slamming against forceful winds and force even.

  1. Inspect your Door Hinges

As you might have seen some of the causes of slamming doors, you know that worn hinges or poorly installed door hinges may cause the door to be weaker when opening and closing, thus at the time it incidents some kind of force the door can be slammed

That is why it is essential for you to inspect and check the door hinges to ensure they are still in good condition and they are installed appropriately to prevent door slamming.

  1. Attach Felt Pads on the Door

Using felt pads to stop slamming doors is a simple technique you can try. The idea is very simple since we know felt pads are mostly used on the floor, one trick you can do is to cut small felt pads and attach them at the top and the bottom of your door to prevent the door from hitting the frame loudly when closing and opening.


  1. Use a Door Stop

One of the most affordable and easy ways to keep your door from slamming is to make use of a doorstopper. This is great because it will prevent the door from slamming except might not be the finest resolution out of the rest is mentioned above because of the fact that the door may remain open when you are using it, but it is worth it because it works.

Final Thoughts on Keeping a Door from Slamming

There are different ways you can prevent slamming doors and the techniques and tips including make a door not slam, mentioned above should help you significantly, one thing to be careful of, is when choosing an anti-slam door you be sure that you choose aluminum as those use to work like magical compared to plastic.