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Know Perfectly Now How to Paint Behind a Toilet

Many people ask themselves: how to paint behind toilet yourself at home, without the help of specialists, and is it profitable to do it yourself. As a rule, this issue becomes relevant when the old cast-iron bathtub has lost its original appearance and needs to be repainted, or before a major renovation of the bathroom.

Today we will tell you how to painting behind toilets at home, how to choose the right paint for the cast-iron bath, and other nuances regarding the bath, which needs to be painted at all costs.

Is there a benefit in self-painting the bath

Many are probably interested in whether it is profitable to paint behind a toilet without removing it, maybe, after all, it will be cheaper to throw it out and buy a new one.

paint behind a toilet

To get a good result after painting, consider the following tips:

Features of painting a cast-iron bath

It’s very simple to paint a cast-iron bath, you just need to purchase a special paint for a cast-iron bath and do everything strictly according to instructions. Also, the room where you plan to paint the product should be well ventilated first. Do not forget to put on a mask and gloves before work.

The fact is that coloring enamel in an aerosol is a harmful chemical substance that is harmful to inhale, it can cause health problems.

Cast iron bathtubs have a huge number of advantages:

The cast-iron baths, which were installed more than twenty years ago, are very reliable, and if they have lost their appearance, it is enough to simply paint them.

You can do it yourself, it’s not so difficult, but you should approach painting with all responsibility. If you produce it in compliance with all conditions, the result will surely please you.

Paints for bath and features of their selection

In order to paint a cast-iron bathtub or made of another material, carefully read the purpose of the paint, whether it is suitable for a particular material. Today, you can see on sale paints of different brands, but the following are considered the most famous and well-established:

Enamel coating features

Practice shows that the coloring enamel for a bath in aerosol cans does not last very long, and, as a rule, the bath should be painted again during the year. To qualitatively cover the bath, it is better to take polyurethane enamel based on two components and purchase a special spray gun along with the compressor.

Features of painting with acrylic

To paint the inside of the structure, it is best to take either acrylic or enamel brand. Before applying acrylic to it, prepare its surface, then pour acrylic on the sides of the structure so that it begins to drain on it, filling with it all the visible and invisible imperfections.

This way bathroom painting with your own hands is the easiest. However, it has a drawback: acrylic does not adhere well to old enamel and holds due to its integrity. If it is slightly disturbed, then over time, moisture will gradually undermine it and tear off the layers. To avoid this, it is better to apply acrylic in two layers, since it will be much more difficult to scratch through a thick surface.