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It can be difficult to remove paint from floor tiles, especially if the stain has been there for a while. Whether you are trying to restore the floor to its original luster or just trying to clean it after a paint job in the house that has left stains, there are a few ways you can use to make work easier.

Step 1

Use heavy chemicals. Commercial paint removers are formulated for removing paint from tiles. They work great if the tile is completely painted. Getting the job done can cost a little time and money, but this is a flawless way and anyone can clean the tiles the first time.

Step 2

Apply a little pressure. If you are trying to get paint off tile after a wall painting, use a spatula or razor blade to tear the paint off the tile. Steel wool or abrasive sponges also work. It will take a little patience for this to work properly, but it is much simpler than using chemicals.

Step 3

Use more natural products if the paint is relatively new. Start by rubbing the tile using soapy water and cloth and rinsing for cleaning paint off tiles. Then use cleaners to remove fresh paint splashes or spots.

Step 4

Use a sander. This is a last resort option, but if nothing else works, uses an electric sander carefully to remove only the top layer of paint.

remove paint from floor tiles

Cleaning and degreasing

Dirt and greasy stains cause blisters and peel paint. The walls in front of a minor cosmetic repair should be washed. This will take:

  • Hard brush or sponge;
  • Particulate detergent or abrasive acids;
  • Warm water;
  • Rubber gloves.

The light pollution solution is prepared from detergent. Add half a cup of the component in a bucket of warm water, stir until a high foam appears. The workpiece is applied to dark spots and scrub the tiles with a hard sponge. Particular attention is paid to seams, as it is in these areas that a lot of dirt and fungus accumulate. They are cleaned with a brush or sandpaper until the mortar lightens.

Dry tile grease is removed with a chlorine solution. With cold water, mix a little of the product and wait until it dissolves in the liquid. The resulting composition is applied to the walls and floor, leave for 10 minutes and then wipes off the dirt with an iron brush. Grease stains are treated with a soda paste or spray to wash windows and mirrors.

Do not be afraid that the backgrounds will damage the tile. Coating material will still have to grind before applying paint.

A clean tile is wiped with a soft cloth to remove residual soap and then treated with alcohol or kerosene to degrease. Suitable for, these purposes and vinegar or essence.

restore the floor

The degreasing solution is prepared quickly and easily:

  • Alcohol is diluted with water 1 to 2.
  • Per 100 ml of kerosene take 300-400 ml of filtered liquid.
  • The ratio of vinegar and water is 1 to 1.
  • Part of the concentrated essence is mixed with 10 parts of water.

You can choose any recipe. On a tool moistened with a towel or napkin, carefully squeeze a cloth to make it slightly damp and then wipe the tile twice. The solution will remove residual detergent and grease; prepare the tile for priming and painting.

Work with kerosene, chlorine and acetic essence only on rubber gloves. Use a respirator to prevent toxic gases from entering the respiratory tract. The room after water and degreasing procedures needs to be aired, and then you can start sanding the walls.