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Use of Water Based Paint in Oil Based Primer

Most of the older homes have at any rate one layer of oil-based paint on the walls, however today, water-based paint is utilized more regularly for interior decor because of it’s expense. Water-based, or latex, paints are a sort of oil paint that can be diminished making use of turpentine or water while pure oil paints will be paints that don’t contain any water content however rather contain synthetic or natural resins.

If you attempt to put water based paint over oil based primer without any planning, it won’t hold fast to the wall as it should. The glossy surface made by oil-based paint prevents the latex paint from sticking great. Indeed, even the pinch of a fingernail will scrape the new paint off on the grounds that the adhesion will be poor. In any case, it isn’t difficult to apply latex paint to an oil-painted surface; this article records a few hints that may make the procedure simpler.

  1. Guarantee Safety

Today, all paints come without lead, however in the past there used to be lead blended in with paints routinely. Ensure before making whatever other strides that your old painted wall is lead-free; generally, making use of these techniques to set up your wall will make lead dust, which is destructive both to the earth and to your wellbeing.

Numerous contractors are equipped for lead appraisal and evacuation, so remain safe and contract an expert in case of using water based paint on top of oil based paint.

  1. Earth free and Clean

The wall to be painted must be earth free and clean before further preparations can be made. Use paper towels with some detergent to clean it, however guarantee that no water gets into any gaps or breaks you may have in your wall. Next, make use of paint prep cleaner for de-glossing the oil paint. Ensure that you evacuate as much gloss as you can. Generally the water-based paint will in any case have an issue following appropriately.

  1. Use Sandpaper and Fix Imperfections

Use sandpaper to evacuate the remainder of the gloss from the surface. You may likewise consider making use of an electric sander to cause the work to go more rapidly. Completely spread and protect yourself with the correct safety rigging including an eye protection, dust mask, and gloves.

Additionally use sandpaper to make a smooth surface in the event that you have to fill in any openings or breaks. With a putty knife, apply spackle paste to issue areas and enable it to dry for the prescribed time on the container. At that point sand as required, cleaning up any sanding dust deserted.

based paint in oil based primer

  1. Make use of a Primer

With the gloss coat expelled from the oil-based paint, it’s the ideal opportunity for primer. Apply a latex primer in several slim coats over each other, permitting time in the middle of to dry thoroughly. Make use of a little paintbrush for tight areas, especially around window corners and door. For bigger areas, empty your primer into a paint tray and make use of a paint roller to apply.

By making use of the above tips on painting over oil based primer with water based paint, you’ll make an ideal surface for you apply your new water-based paint. Also, you must have no issues with your paint employment enduring if you’ve done everything here correctly.